Verify reboot and oracle process with Perl Script

Here is a script I wrote that I will run in cron on the days that we have autosys reboot schedules. The script will check if the server has been rebooted in the last 2 hours and if it’s rebooted in the last 24 hours. It also checks to see if Oracle processes are running. In the case that either the reboot failed or the Oracle processes did restart or aren’t running it will send an e-mail notification to whoever is specified in the @to array variable.

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  • ламинат

    6lI’ll thingk about it.6r I compleatly agree with last post. gxq
    паркет 2n

  • kdiao

    great stuff, can you provide some coding to check the NT services.

  • triz

    Greetings kdiao, there is a lot of Perl modules you can add for NT services. I focus most of my time and energy on *nix. I would suggest doing a google search for already written NT Perl scripts. example

    intitle:perl + “NT service check”

  • Foenueboync

    Wow, I did not heard about that till now. Thanks!!


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