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This script I call scrapeUrban will go to Urban Dictionary and pull the last word added.

Portable weather script that uses API from OpenWeatherMap to show me weather conditions based on the zip code used as argument with script. this should also convert the timezone to your local tz…. You will need to get your own api key. This script focuses on the uses of libraries requests and untangle.

Found this fun little api that translates english to a number of different languages… including vulcan, sith, and dothraki… from funtranslations. Run the script with what ever you want translated on the command line… then the script will give you list of languages and you choose with one to translate to. This script shows the uses of json library.

This little script will take an IP address as an argument and return geolocation data. I find it useful when checking http logs.

Another that pulls from another API.

Yet another one…

Found this API that will tell us how many people are in space, along with their names and which space ship they are on. This api will also provide the location and future location of the ISS, but this script isn’t looking for that.

Update 2/22/2017:

This script scrapes info from txdps we site to search a zipcode for sex offenders… Only zipcodes in texas.

Python Scripts

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