My Resume Site on AWS S3 – Part 1

I decided to refresh my resume and personal brand website, but this time I will be hosting the site using AWS S3 service, since it will be mostly static content. I won’t go in detail on configuring most of the services at this time, because AWS has a very detailed step-by-step guide here. Instead I will focus more on the process of what I can automate. You will see that I am not a big fan of recreating content if it’s explained perfectly fine somewhere else.

It seems the best way to create the S3 buckets is manually. I say this because according to AWS the S3 bucket names have to match the domain name exactly, and since S3 buckets have to be unique, there is no guarantee the S3 bucket name will be available even if the domain name is. So for this reason I feel it’s best to manually create the S3 buckets to ensure you can use the name you need that matches the domain name. However, I will automate almost everything including the S3 bucket creation. So, once you have your own domain name registered and the Amazon Certificate Manager certification we can begin with the fun stuff of automation.

S3 Bucket Creation and Bucket Policy

Beginning with the s3 buckets that hold your web content we can begin writing the CloudFormation template to automate. If you need a refresher on CloudFormation, I think this is a very good high-level over view, here.

We will begin by creating a short template with some parameters to initialize the bucket and policy. I know this may look like a lot for just a s3 bucket, but we will be adding on to this for the complete stack, however, you can take this code and run it alone, for just creating bucket and policy.



Eventually the ‘Principal’ object under the BucketPolicy resource will be updated once we implement the CloudForms AWS service. However, at this point you can upload your website content to the s3 bucket. In the next part we’ll look at Route53. Also, check my GitHub here for the latest updates to this project.

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