Install MySQL Community 5.0 for use with Groundworks Foundation

Download MySQL server and client 5.0 from  I already had 4.0 MySQL installed, but did not have any database, so I removed  the 4.0 versions of server and client with rpm tool to install latest version. 

First check to see what is installed
#rpm -qa | grep -i mysql

Then install rpm package & create install database with newly created username
#rpm -ivh MySQL-server-community-5.0.51a-0.sles9.i586.rpm
#rpm -ivh MySQL-client-community-5.0.51a-0.sles9.i586.rpm
#/usr/bin/mysql_install_db –user=mysql

Set mysql_root password & bring it down under root to bring it back up under mysql_user while verifying I can shut it down then bring it up.
#/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password mysql123
#export MYSQL_ROOT=mysql123
#source /etc/profile

Add the new password to the [client] section of /etc/my.cnf. Also, while editing the /etc/my.cnf file, since I’m useing this with Groundworks and it will be installed on this machine, I don’t need to access MySQL from over the network so I un-commented the skip-networking option then restarted the MySQL service.
#vi /etc/my.conf
  :wq to save
#/etc/init.d/mysql restart
#/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root shutdown
#/usr/bin/mysqld_safe –user=mysql &

Fortunetly Perl was installed with the base package, so this should be good enough to properly run Groundworks Foundation. I will keep this blog updated as we move forward with this implementation.

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