Configure ITM6 (IBM Tivoli) not to create files in /tmp

This is very rough draft

My recommendation would be to stop the RTS installed agents, uninstall them, then configure the VIOS agent, and start it up.

Stop the agents as root:
/opt/Tivoli/ITM/bin/itmcmd agent -f stop all

Uninstall the agents as root:
Follow the prompts, uninstall all components from this directory structure including the last prompt to uninstall /opt/Tivoli/IBM

Configure the VIOS agent as padmin:
From configuration doc:
Make sure keys from the VIO Servers to the HMC do not prompt for password.
ssh itmuser@hostname date
This should return a date value and not prompt for a SSH key handshake, if it does then the SSH keys need to be established with the HMC

IF the SSH handshake fails:
Create the itmuser user on the HMC. Ensure that the ‘AllSystemResources’ Managed Resource Role is checked as well as the ‘hmcviewer’ Task Role is selected.
VIO Server
Login and become root user
Create ssh keys .
mkdir –p /root/.ssh (if needed)
cd /root/.ssh
ssh-keygen –t rsa ( take the default prompts)
cat id_rsa/pub > authorized_keys
Copy the key from VIO Server to HMC. For Example,
keys=`cat authorized_keys`
ssh itmuser@hostname “mkauthkeys –add ‘$keys’”
cat authorized_keys and paste it the command below
ssh itmuser@hostname “mkauthkeys –add ‘
mkauthkeys –add ‘ssh-dss 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’”
ssh user@hostname “date”
Repeat for each VIO SERVER.


Run command with the values above
cfgsvc ITM_premium -attr RESTART_ON_REBOOT=TRUE hostname=ITM SERVER
cfgsvc ITM_premium -attr RESTART_ON_REBOOT=TRUE

Those steps will have the VIOS Premium agent configured.
Can be verified with ‘lssvc ITM_premium’

Start the VIOS Premium agent:
startsvc ITM_premium


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