Configure IBM Tape Device with Emulex FC HBAs

This is procedure SUN Solaris 10 servers, not sure about other versions, but should be close.

Step 1:
a. Run “devfsadm”.
b. run “touch /reconfigure” in /.
c. reboot the server.
d. After reboot run the following command and see if it can detect the tape devices.
/opt/IBMtape/tapelist -l.
e. If tape list command display tape device info -> go to step 3

Step 2:
If tapelist –l command doesn’t display any tape devices, please follow this procedure

Configuring IBM tape devices with Emulex FC HBAs
To configure an IBM tape device with an Emulex FC HBA, complete the following

1. Run the Emulex HBAnyware utility to find and record the mapped target and LUN of the tape device.
2. For lpfc.6.30g or later, update the parameters setting in /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf and reboot the system.
If IBMtape driver is used as a tape driver, change the parameter for IBMtape:
If IBMtape driver is used as a changer driver, modify the setting for IBMtape:
3. Remove the comment at the beginning of the entry for the Emulex HBA in
name=”IBMtape” parent=”lpfc” target=0;
If this fails to configure the changer, you may need to add the entries for LUN 0 and 1:
name=”IBMtape” parent=”lpfc” target=X lun=0;
name=”IBMtape” parent=”lpfc” target=X lun=1;
4. Update the entry for the device in the IBMtape.conf file, if necessary. The current entry in IBMtape.conf adds target 255 with LUN 0 and 1.
For instance, the following command adds an entry for a mapped device with target 200 and LUN
name=”IBMtape” class=”scsi” target=200 lun=3;
5. Unload and reload the IBMtape driver:
# /opt/IBMtape/tmd -s
# rem_drv IBMtape
# add_drv -m ’* 0666 bin bin’ IBMtape
# /opt/IBMtape/tmd
6. Display information on the configured devices by running
/opt/IBMtape/tapelist -l.

Step 3:
If /opt/IBMtape/tapelist –l displays the tape device information for configuring the devices.
If /opt/IBMtape/tapelist –l doesn’t display any output, run IBM Tape diag and upload the data to Sun and IBM for further troubleshooting.

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