ClamAV Antivirus for Slackware

The reason I decided to set this up was because firewall isn’t enough, even for linux. Remember teh firewall I wrote about a little while ago? ~~>Firewall Tutorial<~~ Well I was checking my logs and found that it was blocking a trojan trying to make an external connection to some outside ip, and another trying to make a connection to my internal gateway. So I’d thought I’d set this ClamAV up to scan my box to see what it came up with. As far as I know this is the only AntiVirus scanner for linux.

Download the clamAV package from Linux Packages dot net. Then install the package as root.

#installpkg clam*.tgz

Once teh package is installed make a backup of the configuration file and edit the original. Once the original is edited copy it to the file name it needs to be in order to run the clamd daemon.

#cp /etc/ /etc/clamav.conf.bak

Edit the using vi editor. The config file is pretty straight forward, just read the comments and uncomment the options you want or fine tune them according to you particular network needs.

#cp /etc/ /etc/clamd.conf

Start the clamav daemon. Then you can use the PING option with clamd to see if server is configured correctly. It should respond with a PONG.

#clamd PING

Once you have your daemon set, just change to your root directory or whatever directory you want to scan and run the client…clamdscan. Running from teh root directory on my box will also scan all the files on my XP partition because my root user is mounted to those partitions. But I configured my clamd.conf file to also scan exe files so it’s *nix and windoze capable.

#cd /

It’s that simple for Slackware 10.1 to set up an antivirus scanner.

Tomorow, I will work on FreshClam which is the auto-update daemon. This tool will automatically keep the virus signature up-to-date using mirrors.

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  • avid reader

    i found that this method only worked after downloaded the cvd file to the appropriate dir. thankyou for the starter though.

  • triz

    Thanks for the comment avid reader. I actually wrote this tutorial a while ago right when 10.1 came out, and I obviously never got to the FreshClam config that I promised. Maybe if you get that far, you can post your findings… I would be really interested in that portion. Unfortunetly, I am spending most of my time of Suse these days, because that is what we use where I work. I guess I shouldn’t say unfortunetly, it’s still Linux, but it’s just not Slackware… I heart Slackware.

  • f1dz

    Its work perfectly..

  • John

    Clamav is a great program. I take people’s hard drives and hook them to the usb port and scan them for viruses.

    Recently, I’ve found that Clamav flags three midi files on windows xp and 7: town.mid, flourish.mid and onestop.mid as viruses.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
    John aka moonstroller.

  • HTTP://

    I do not know if it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing issues with your blog. It looks like some of the text in your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had
    this happen previously. Thank you

    • thepuregeek

      What browser are you using? I haven’t had any other reports of user’s with issues on my blog. Have you tried to find other blogs on wordpress using the same theme or changing browsers to see if issues still occur? Hope you find what your looking for here.


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