Configure IBM Tape Device with Emulex FC HBAs

This is procedure SUN Solaris 10 servers, not sure about other versions, but should be close.

Step 1:
a. Run “devfsadm”.
b. run “touch /reconfigure” in /.
c. reboot the server.
d. After reboot run the following command and see if it can detect the tape devices.
/opt/IBMtape/tapelist -l.
e. If tape list command display tape device info -> go to step 3

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Weblogic Start/Stop

In this case we could login to Weblogic console, however the server was not granting connections on the port. So we want to check the status of the Weblogic server and restart the Weblogic Domain.

Login as a_wls0

#cd /local/Weblogic10/0/wl10u
./ status

if it is stopped, start the nodemanager using the fo...

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Nagios Perl Script to add Hosts and Escalations

A couple of perl scripts to help add Hosts and Host Escalations into Nagios config files. 

DIRECTIONS: Edit .list file for script to read
FOR: edit host.list to include tab seperated parameter (5)options
use     host_name       alias   address host_groups

FOR: edit Escalation.list to include tab seperated parameter (2)options
host_name       contact_groups

Here is script

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