Text Formatting Perl Script

Here is a pretty basic Perl script that will take a tab seperated file and format it accoring to the arguments you pass with the command. This script will only work if the file has three fields, but can be edited for more. I am working on a way to unlimit this using arrays, but have not found a working solution yet. Also, this script is protable to windows. Just edit the environment path to reflect where your perl executable is located. Code below:

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Multiple host ping sweep Perl script

I was tasked with verify host connectivity after some server patches were pushed out.  So instead of manually pinging each one, and I already had a text file with all the affected hostnames, I decided to put together a little script that would read from the text file and print out whether the host was up or down. 

I have simplified my original multiple host ping sweep script. All you need for this script to work is a hosts.txt file with a list of host names or IP addresses and of course the script below.

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