AIX 6 Gather System Information

This is another dump of useful AIX commands for system information gathering.  I’m working from a console window, so my ability to paste command output is null.

The below commands are run from the VIO as user padmin:
1. List the virtual SCSI disk mapping.

2. List the virtual Ethernet and shared Ethernet adapter configuration.

3. List the ctl_chan and ha_mode attributes of SEA.

4. Check the priority and status of SEA.

The below commands are run from the AIX lpar:
1. List the virtual Ethernet adapter(veth).

2. Find out the veth adapter slot.

3. Determine the operating system and maintenance levels.

4. Verify that hdisk$ has multiple paths. In my case I don’t.

The below commands is run on the HMC:
1. Determine HMC’s version.


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