Welcome, this site talks about Security, Linux, Exploits, Wireless, and documentation of tutorials, scripts, and white papers that we create.

We are brothers, Brady and Chandler            .

Brady, currently is a Sr. Linux Administrator for an International company in the hospitality industry. He is an Open-Source Advocate, active in his local community of             and often found at different Meetups and LUGs. Brady also considers it strange to speak in 3rd person.

Chandler is most known for his            . Most recently, he has been working on             at            . You can usually find Chandler             around             and if you are lucky enough to                                                                                    .


>>>> Expert on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
>>>> Skilled Shell and Perl script writer.
>>>> Seasoned Veritas Cluster and Volume Manager administrator.
>>>> Educated in security policy creation and implementation.
>>>> Versed in firewall, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention technology.
>>>> Forensics and incident response knowledge.
>>>> Advanced virus, worm, trojan, and spyware removal tactics.